Sept 2019: Part 2 Curated Jobs ✨

This issue features jobs from Razorpay, Unacademy, Forbes, Chargebee, HealthifyMe, Acko & more!

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It’s half way through September and we bring you more handpicked jobs from more amazing organisations. This issue features jobs from Quick Ride, Razorpay, Chargebee, Coditas, Acko, mPaani, SuperGaming, Clarisights, Nutanix, Qyuki, Headout, Zomato, Unacademy,, Camp12 and more!

View all the freshly curated jobs for this half of September below:

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A peek into the life of a Hiring manager 🧐

Chances are you would have applied for a job through the email addresses provided and may have not received a response. Let’s detail it out what’s happening behind the scenes:

  1. The average time for a hiring manager to view your case study and resume is less than a minute.

  2. They receive around 40+ Applications for every single open position.

  3. Due to the amount of applications they receive, they tend sample only around 1-2 case studies of your case studies because their time is limited.

  4. In a large organisation, the email load per day for each person is around 50+ emails. This is a tricky situation when you are trying to reach out to the hiring manager via email.

    (source for points 1-3: Case Study Factory - A study conducted by

Given these scenarios, how would you know it made if it made to the Hiring Manager’s inbox and they’ve had a chance to look at it? You could probably try the following:

  1. Send an elevator pitch on why you would be great fit for the job you are applying for along with your resume and portfolio.

  2. Update your portfolio to include at least 2-3 case studies which have B2C/ B2B or both which show off a range of experience and your work.

  3. Your portfolio should also present and story-tell aspects of Business needs, your user's needs and wants, technical constraints and the iterations you went through to arrive at shipped solution.

  4. An outline of business understanding of the case study and how it affected your team and design decisions.

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