May 2020 | New Curated Jobs & Remote Edition.

Jobs curated from upGrad, Asana, Shopify, Hotjar, Invision, DuckDuckGo, Khan Academy, Netflix, Google Pay, and many more!

Hello Friends 👋

I hope you’re safe and quarantining yourself. Over the past month, we at Team Xperian (D+P is a part of Xperian Foundation) took some big decisions and one of them was to be a 100% Remote Team.

And with all numbers going up of the,“Virus that shall not be named” it only means certain strong investments like office spaces are becoming optional for companies and its employees of those of who are privileged to work from home, like us. See the new remote jobs edition updated here:

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As Designers, Product Managers and Makers, this means that we can now work without the physical need of being the location of your favourite company. The benefits are many and I am sure you would have heard more about it by now. 😅

Realistically, remote working is a double edged sword.

The cost of communication and alignment among teams is much more right now and it takes a lot of time to get things across and making it harder for design and creative process to go through seamlessly as before.

New routines, types of tasks and communication protocols are established and time to warm up to them need to accounted for in project planning and scrums. This also places emphasis on the fact the real skills that need to be developed and nurtured are actually communication, collaboration and candor for shipping products and achieving the results a team should be able to remote or not.

Do let us know how you are coping up with your current routines and your learnings by hitting reply to this email and we’ll share the best practices with the rest of the readers to learn from them 🙏🏼

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One last thing…

It feels like we're all suspended in limbo without our normal routines. We all handle this in different way. The struggles are real, but sharing them and being vulnerable is refreshing and in a different sense, cathartic.

If you are able to focus and pour yourself into something, congrats! But don't forget to look around every once in a while and don't neglect the other important things in your life.

If you are looking out, we hope these resources on D+P help you out and we are in this together. Reach out to us anytime. If we can help, we will!

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