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New Jobs from Google Pay, Whatsapp, Instagram, GlideApps, Webflow, ClearTax, Service Now and 10+ more companies!

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I hope you’re safe and quarantining yourself. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking about what to write to you and yet, I still have something basic 🙈

I’ve been thinking about how designers, product managers and makers need to be more visible so that they can actually get better opportunities. I’ve also been thinking about various other aspects like working remotely and being an internet citizen and how it’s affecting and shaping all aspects of our lives. Then i wrote a super long email and deleted it 😅

So, here’s the monthly roundup of jobs from July 2020 ↓

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How is remote working settling in?

4 months and we’re seeing great shifts from companies like Google, Shopify and Facebook to completely work from home. The transition is taking quite sometime and we all handle this in different way. But developing strategies for working around it.

We employed these following strategies in these last few months:

  • Don’t wake up and dive right into work, take a moment and do you usual routine before you get to work.

  • Working with boundaries like having clear start and end timings for your day.

  • Do have a clear break time for daily routines like eating and exercise.

  • Have your daily vitamins. (They really help in levelling your mood.)

If you are able to focus and pour yourself into something, congrats! But don't forget to look around every once in a while and don't neglect the other important things in your life.

If you are looking out, we hope these resources on D+P help you out and we are in this together. Reach out to us anytime.

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