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New jobs from Google, BookmyShow, Byjus, Paytm Money, Intercom, 1mg, Adobe and more!

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This month, we bring you more handpicked curated jobs from more amazing organisations. This issue features jobs from Bain & Co, Linkedin, Zoho, PayU Money, Careem, Byjus, Google Chrome, Amazon AWS, Huddl.ai, NTUC Fair Price, Brucira, Obvious, Shopify and more!

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New Launch: Learning Club

We’ve all read many things. Heck, we have lists of things to read stashed away in our bookmarks/notion pages but end up reading them only when we remember them. We also end up hoarding knowledge and it’s decaying without proper reflection of the learning.

In our opinion, consistent compounding is the first wonder of the world. Whenever you learn about something spend a few minutes to jot it down, sketch or just speak to the camera and it is there.

Hence, the launch of Learning Clubs led by Karthi Subbaraman, Co-Founder of D+P and Xperian School who wants to ensure we all learn consistently, raise the bar for ourselves and as a collective.

Join us here and we’ll keep you posted: https://airtable.com/shri8C5EqsCpmpqIM

Tweet of the week:

We found a great twitter thread explaining the reality of hiring managers and how new designers can up their game while applying for a job. This twitter thread was by Prasanna Venkatesh, a Product Architect from Swiggy. We’ve highlighted a few of them below:

The thread also kicks off views from other designers as well. Worth reading it through and implementing them for your next interview and brushing up your portfolio.

(All views expressed by the author are personal)

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