✨Crisp New Jobs - Part 2

Part 2 of Aug 2019 features jobs from Myntra, Haptik, Cure.Fit and more...

🌈 Hello There!

This August brings in great rains 🌦 and fresh jobs with it as well. We’ve been scouring social media world for great jobs just to bring them to you. This month we’ve reached 65+ jobs that are mostly posted via social media status updates, sent directly to us and tweets.

Chances are you are already on Twitter or Linkedin and when you see an amazing job that you want to share with your tribe, you could just send us a tweet or use the #dpnom and we’ll take it from there.

Without further ado, presenting jobs from this month from companies like Myntra, Cure.Fit, Intuit, Indeed.com, Go-Jek, UrbanClap, Postman, Phenom People and many more…

This edition also features jobs with relocation support from Vancouver, Amsterdam and from Silicon Valley as well.

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Thank you so much for your support and we’re excited to share some great updates coming soon (A little hint😉, the launch is all about Freelance projects).

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Team D+P