April 2020 | New Website, Curated Jobs & Recession Readiness.

Jobs curated from: Ola, Uber, Google, Vahan, Slack, Airbase, Hike Atlassian, Meesho, Zeta, Kaam.work, Nykaa, & more!

Hello Friends 👋

I hope you’re safe and quarantining yourself. I don't know who needs to hear this, but I just want to say that it is okay to feel whatever you're feeling. Frustration, grief, fear, fatigue –– all feelings are allowed. 🦠special!

There's no need to feel guilty if you've been unproductive or distracted. 

As human beings we have a wide range of emotions and every single one of them is valid. In times like this, it is best to let them pass through you (rather than fight them) as they come.

I keep interacting with the community of builders and I do sense that a lot of us are worried about the job scenario right now given the ongoing economic recession. All i can tell you is this too shall pass. We need to stay strong together at these times. If you are worried about losing your current job or if just lost it, not to worry. D+P is doing its best for you!

Some domains (Hospitality, Tourism andTravel) are hit very badly and some are thriving (Video Conferencing, E-Commerce, Medicine, etc) in these times. Some are hiring even now. Here is a quick socially curated job list for you from D+P. I hope this list serves you well better than any other times. We decided to include all jobs out there for product designers and product managers across the globe and not just India.

Here’s our April edition of 50+ curated jobs available for you in just a click. If you find new jobs please do share with us and we will keep updating the list and keep it current.

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🎉 A Permanent home for D+P

We had some time at hand and we made use of it to get a permanent home on the internet for our D+P. You can now find us on dplusp.org.

Stay tuned, we are coming up with interesting initiatives that will help you grow professionally. We also want to share our learnings and experiences building this community and its unique components as fellow builders. A post on it soon!

Introducing Hire Board 🎉

We have been keen on Job boards so far and times like this is forcing us to flex and make things more useful. We worked on this need and created a hire board for you. If you are looking out now, list your profile for free and we will make sure we spread the word about your availability to the industry. The entries in this sheet are publicly available for hiring companies to go through as well.

✔ We’ll reach out to hiring companies and pass this information.

❌ We don’t promise jobs for those registering their information with us.

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If you would like your information to be removed from this listing, please reach out to us via Twitter DMs or hit reply to this email and we’ll remove your information right away!

Curated Collectives for you!

While we are doing our best to show you the available jobs and list your availability in D+P, we are also making sure that you have a list of all such initiatives across the globe in one place as a collective here. Though we don’t have much control over the list of trackers, feel free to access these initiatives. Good luck 🥂

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One last thing…

Uncertainties make us anxious. Unknowns are scary. Treading into new terrains is mind boggling. We understand this! So we’ve included a bunch of resources here that will help to harness such tough times.

Hope this helps you get ready for the upcoming downturn. We are in this together. Reach out to us anytime. If we can help, we will!

Some kind hearted friends keep asking how can they contribute to this community building initiative and as we are a Section 8 not for profit you can always buy us a (filter) coffee and we can use the funds to churn out more value for you and our community at large. Are you ready for a virtual coffee ☕️

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